Kingdom of Vyrdonia

General Knowledge
The Kingdom of Vyrdonia is the ruling government over the land known as Vyrdonia, the western most continent in the Pearl Sea. Though little is known of Vyrdonia on the main continents it is know that the Kingdom that rules there is peaceful and rumors have it there is no fighting to be had in Vyrdonia at all.

The Perfect Kingdom
In the history of Vyrdonia, it is believed that no war has ever been won. This doesn’t come from a lacking Vyrdonian Army. It comes from the fact that the Vyrdonian’s have never met an enemy in battle. In the hundreds of years that the The High King has ruled the Kingdom, no wars have unfolded. Many are unsure of why this is, but almost none question it. Things have always been peaceful, and things always will be. The only form of fighting that goes on is The Brotherhood of Purity’s constant battle against The Blight. And though The Brotherhood of Purity constantly keeps The Blight at bay and pushes it deeper into Vyrdonia, containing it all to [[Mt. Fira]] things always remain peaceful in Vyrdonian cities and towns. Some say that The High King has ascended to The Heavens and joined The One God and gives his constant blessings to his kingdom.

Culture and Style
Among Vyrdonian’s, style and appearances mean just as much as personality. And though no Vyrdonian would hold it against someone to dress differently than the rest of the public, all Vyrdonian’s take pride in their garb. Common Vyrdonian style changes with the seasons but tends to consist of long loose fitting clothes such as kimonos and robes. But whereas in the spring and summer a kimono may expose the arms and abdomen, in the fall and winter style gets more practical by covering arms and necks, revealing little skin. And while Vyrdonia’s sense of style is an odd mix of other land’s they consider the odd mix their own.

Vyrdonian culture is reflected highly in their style. Each person’s way of life can easily be interpreted from their clothing. If a man wear’s a kimono revealing his arms, giving him a free range of motion he most likely has a job that uses his arms for manual labor, just as a man who wears less around his legs most likely does more moving about than most. Each individual within Vyrdonia takes his morales from his homeland, or at least the majority do. So while there are those who take on darker morality from their native culture it is usually quickly quelled by the relaxed and happy nature of the land.

The people of Vyrdonia differ very heavily from many of the other religious cultures across the world in many ways, but one stands out more than the rest. Vyrdonian churches preach the world of The One God, who encompasses everything there is. He is both the creator and the tender of all of mankind and all of the other races of the world. Vyrdonian’s do not slant the God’s of others, only believing that the other Gods people put their faith in are only aspects of The One God.

All Vyrdonian’s pray both before going to sleep and when they wake up. It is believed that the small but very important ritual comes from the first pioneers of Vyrdonia would say grace to The One God before bed, [raying that The Blight would not take them and their friends in their sleep. It would then be said again in thanks to The One God for watching over them as they sleep. The modern people of Vyrdonia now do it as a prayer to sleep at night and as a thanks for the rest The One God has bestowed upon them.It is also a way for Vyrdonian’s to feel close to their ancestor’s, who as a people look back rarely. Instead, they look forward to a bright future.

The Landscape of Vyrdonia
The land of Vyrdonia has many luscious forests and even in some areas near the south there are tropical jungles, though they are sparse. In between the pristine massive forests are sprawling plains that grown bountifully for those who farm it. Three massive ridges spike from the back of Vyrdonia and aside from those three, mountains are very rare.

The forests and jungles in Vyrdonia are know for being incredibly tall, to the point where it is impossible to even see the canopy from the ground in some the tallest. They’re also known for plentiful wildlife, both flora and fauna. It is said that there is no animal or plant you can’t find somewhere in Vyrdonia, but that saying has yet to be investigated.

Kingdom of Vyrdonia

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