Nefarious by Necessity

The Dreams Will Pass

Cultures clash and nations erupt into war. People disagree and men who don’t are forced to die for causes they don’t believe in. It’s a dirty and stained history, but it’s the history of all men. But as there are two sides to every coin, for every man who makes was there is another who makes peace. Our heroes ride afloat a prison ship to a land unheard of by most ears and whispers of peace and prosperity. What will there futures hold? Peace… or War.

The dreams had been coming and going for all of our heroes. Dreams of white emptiness, dressed in clothes of their native lands, none matching one another but here in the unending white they met each other again and again. This woman was testing them, whoever she was, and they passed the trials with ingenuity and valor.

As each dream passed, our heroes learned new tricks, working better as a team, protecting one another for the days that would come ahead. As watching eyes peered over our heroes they moved forward, learning more about themselves and their new allies. And just as time would see fit a new horizon rises ahead of them all. Welcome… to Vyrdonia.


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